Wednesday, 27 June 2012

lets get rich

"Oh, let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France
let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters
and teach them how to dance
let's get rich and build our house on a mountain
making everybody look like ants
from way up there, you and I, you and I, you and I,

Ingrid Michaelson

agree to her,lets get rich!someday i would earn lots of money and do all whatever  i want to do, buy all the  expensive stuffs without thinking about them again and again.oHH someday!


it was roughly 4 years ago when the very first time i listened to Ingrid Michaelson. Too sad that she didnt perform 'keep breathing' as it s one of my favourite songs of hers,

just a pair of Tory Burch flats,

light blue,

i want to be this cool when i get older,

sipping a cup of caffe mocha whilst waiting for Medi at New Bond st. it s almost 7pm yet the sun s still shining brightly,yes i love summer time much. the sun will set mostly at 9 pm something,isnt it incredible?

Monday, 25 June 2012

1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

2: Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?

3: Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

4: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
not me, but i was along with them, that New Year's eve in Edinburgh

5: Do you like to use post-it notes?
at times

6: Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?

7: Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
big bear,as it s cuter

8: Do you have freckles?

9: Do you always smile for pictures?

10: What is your biggest pet peeve?

11: Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
when i am bored

12: Have you ever peed in the woods?
on the streets,

13: What about pooped in the woods?

14: Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?

15: Do you chew your pens and pencils?
especially when in class

16: How many people have you slept with this week?

17: What size is your bed?

18: What is your Song of the week?
Pretty Lights-Finally Moving

19: Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
yes.i think it s cute

20: Do you still watch cartoons?
yes,still into the simpsons,doraemon,sinchan

21: Whats your least favorite movie?
Mammamia, high school musical

22: Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
grandma's backyard?

23: What do you drink with dinner?
tap water?wine?depends!

24: What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

25: What is your favorite food?
lots!!!!i am into anything

26: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
One Day

27: Last person you kissed/kissed you?

28: Were you ever a boy/girl scout?

29: Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
no one would be happy with my body

30: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
last month,sending birthday greeting to my bestest Tiff in Melbourne

31: Can you change the oil on a car?
nahh i cant

32: Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
i cant drive

33: Ever ran out of gas?

34: Favorite kind of sandwich?
anything from Spianata, Pret A Manger

35: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
indomie goreng!

36: What is your usual bedtime?

37: Are you lazy?
at times

38: When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
i didnt

39: What is your Chinese astrological sign?

40: How many languages can you speak?

41: Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
Elles UK

42: Which are better legos or lincoln logs?

43: Are you stubborn?
honestly yes

44: Who is better...Leno or Letterman?
no idea

45: Ever watch soap operas?
not yet

46: Are you afraid of heights?

47: Do you sing in the car?

48: Do you sing in the shower?

49: Do you dance in the car?

50: Ever used a gun?
fake one

51: Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
years ago for family photograph

52: Do you think musicals are cheesy?
i hate film musical

53: Is Christmas stressful? should be joyful

54: Ever eat a pierogi?

55: Favorite type of fruit pie?

56: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

57: Do you believe in ghosts?

58: Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?

59: Take a vitamin daily?
Vit C

60: Wear slippers?

61: Wear a bath robe?

62: What do you wear to bed?

63: First concert?
Mika in s awesome!!

64: Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?

65: Nike or Adidas?

66: Cheetos Or Fritos?

67: Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?

68: Ever hear of the group Tres Bien?

69: Ever take dance lessons?
medi and i joined salsa class this morning

70: Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
someone on suit, i wish

71: Can you curl your tongue?

72: Ever won a spelling bee?

73: Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

74: Own any record albums?
no,i cant sing

75: Own a record player?

76: Regularly burn incense?
not regularly

77: Ever been in love?
for sure

78: Who would you like to see in concert?
for s Noah and the Whale

79: What was the last concert you saw?
Coldplay :DDD

80: Hot tea or cold tea?

81: Tea or coffee?

82: Sugar or snickerdoodles?

83: Can you swim well?
not really

84: Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
yes i can

85: Are you patient?
mostly not

86: DJ or band, at a wedding?

87: Ever won a contest?
no i guess

88: Ever have plastic surgery?

89: Which are better black or green olives?

90: Can you knit or crochet?
knit when i was still a student

91: Best room for a fireplace?
living room

92: Do you want to get married?

93: If married, how long have you been married?

94: Who was your HS crush?

95: Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?
i cry a lot

96: Do you have kids?
not yet

97: Do you want kids?
yess!!3 s enough

98: Whats your favorite color?
dark blue,brown

99: Do you miss anyone right now?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Damien Hirst

Some of Damien Hirts's works at Tate Modern as photographs re not allowed,

i dont know but June has been an unlucky month for me. From not getting any internship, missed the Lovebox (Mika and Lana re performing), blalaalallalalallaa. it s going to end in the next 6 days anyway and for now i am enjoying the summer sale and planning a last summer trip with Milka as she s going back to indo pretty soon :(


couldnt believe that it s still this cold in June,it should be warmer as it s summer time already.ohhh UK,it has been umbrella summer by far!
so, i spent a week in Newcastle. it s always good to be back, spent most of the times with Karrent, Medi, Jef and Endru.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

arent they just too cute?

spotted at Tate Modern Gallery,