Monday, 29 October 2012

gloomy olloween!

seemed like i wont be celebrating halloween this time after having the previous 2 good olloween in Ncl.   
daylight saving time has now occurred, it s not good right since it s dark very soon at 4pm. it s getting gloomier, darker and colder
at least today's class with sir Fabio made us spilled out about our concerns about this term and hopefully it ll be sorted out very soon. spending another hours with Martina at the library, well mostly we re chatting and am increasingly more attached to these mundane routines.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Toon very soon!

i decided to spend my weekends with my loved ones in Newcastle. purchased the open return ticket on the same day before i was leaving s a bad idea, i knew. it s reallly expensive yet this s the only long weekends that i have left as the following Mondays would be replaced by sir Fabios. Staying the first 2 nights at Sandyfords  and last night at Bigg Market. till we meet again NCl, in December i wish ;)


Kieu s an ex flatmate of Jef that i used to hang out with in Newcastle. so by the time she had finished with her dissertation she planned a UK trip and there we were in my room. it rang the bell about the moment when we re still staying at Lovaine Flat in the Toon that she as well made up my eyes and hair!

Monday, 15 October 2012

carboot sale.

wake up early on Sunday morning, i should hv attended morning service yet Vena and i went to Wimbledon station and popped up at wimbledon carboot sale that s recommended by Medi.
here s what i got, each s from different boots and they re under 5 pounds in total. *awesome*


victor brought us to this pub, where we had our sunday roast. as usual, i went for the beef! i wouldnt say it s the best sunday roast but in addition to the existing of the live music that performed Joshua Radins and homelike interior, i would give 9points for this pub and kitchen ;)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

out of budget!


uni has been okay till date. it s good to still have sir Abdullah for the Econs, and Fabio who s teaching us Luxury s awesome. life s fine by far except that it s just getting colder andcolder and i still have no motivation to get my brain on starting the assignment :C
spotted at Shoreditch area!


a friend from Winchester came to monkey around London town, well his main intention s for shopping actually. all day long from 12s to 10pm, body ached for sure but such a total fun, till we meet again Rod!
Lola's red velvet
 Doc Martens


olloween comes early!

it was still too early yet lots re too excited for olloween,i tot. still in doubt where to celebrate halloween, to be back to the toons or staying here

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

on the way back home with Vena,


it s time for Medi to leave for indonesia, and i will deeply missing her very very bad. had been spending most weekends, cried and laughed out loud, tons of unexpected happenings, OMG seriously i wish she would be back in a couple of months.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Selfridges department store which s fully decorated with Yayoi Kusama's installation,

good shoes,

will always adore men who have a good taste for footwear. and see this pair of Dries Van Notten, they are amazing.


Victoria Secret
Bond street


recommended by Alexa, her most favourite ramen noodle in London,