Saturday, 29 September 2012

black and yellow.

almost sunset.

 Hard Rock hotel, Penang


at last,it s time for me to be back and didnt expect it s more difficult this time. needs time to adjust to the mundane routine back in London right. safely landed at 7.40s pm at Heathrow, a guy from UKairport taxi had been waiting outside and i could find my name on his white square paper.
the weather s not that bad, at least it can be covered only by a piece of knitwear that i stole from my sister.
waking up at 6am, and couldnt get back to sleep, whilst lavena s still sleeping beside me.
missing my family already, ;)
minus Stella

Thursday, 13 September 2012


see you on Saturday my X10. 

rose with...

dipping my nose into my cup of rose with french vanilla tea. it smelled very good yet the taste s not as i had expected before. with the companion of Anotoneitte's macaroons  that my sister brought from Singapore.
 rose, strawberry, pistacio, caramel, blueberry


am gonna whiling away sometimes before going to see a movie by whining about the disappearance's of my barbie dolls. So, my mom had asked the maid to pack all the barbie dolls that used to be laid in my glassed cabinets inside my room into a big brown box. It did occur months ago i guessed. and yesterday i was feeling like dressing and undressing my barbie dolls. to my surprise, the box s half empty, hundreds including small accessories, clothes, shoes had gone. reported to my mom, and found that the maid might have brought them home when everybody s away from home.
hv been collecting pieces to pieces since i was in the elementary school. still remember that i couldnt purchase the clothes all at once as they re very pricey by that time, and used to ask mom to buy some in singapore or malaysia.
eventhough, i could get some pieces of new dolls by now, they wont replace all of my previous ones, all the memories that have been made. For now, the maid had stopped working yet that wouldnt make the barbie dolls came back to my cabinets.
the leftover 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

empty Chanel!

have you ever thought about what you re going to do with your empty perfume bottle? to me, this s such a great idea that i found on the pinterest. thankfully, i havent thrown any of my empty bottles and 'say-yes' to this wonderful idea!

Monday, 10 September 2012


three pieces of my favourite from Victoria Beckham's S/S 2013 in thr New York Fashion Week,


the news about Blake Lively got hitched to Ryan Reynold on Twitter didnt convince me much this morning, i expected it s only a rumor. Yet, according to the reports, they tied the knots yesterday in South Carolina. i hv been adoring Ryan since his appearance in The Proposal movie. How do you enjoy the announcement? for i am quite upset as i dont like Blake much!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


big thanks to FlowerAdvisor for providing a great service sending gifts from out of towns. So, my sister had picked this white flower for ka Tara's wedding, happy wedding to Tara&Riani, may they have many years of wedded bliss! deeply sorry for not being able to attend the wedding's party and not being able to gather with the Ncl's people ;(

dark blue & gold.

oxtail fried rice,

Oxtail fried rice and Moroccan mint tea. the macaroon didnt look awesome, i knew!

au revoir.

it s quite surprising when i realize that it s only roughly 3 weeks left till am going back, when am about to purchase my MDN-SG ticket. i detest farewell much, and it applies to my driver's farewell as well. i wont write the reasons why my dad fired him yet, he had been working for like more than 3 years,  i remembered the time when my older sister asked him to buy 'sate padang' and ate them inside the car and he ordered like 20 sticks. i hope he could find a new job soon!
The Edge
21st floor