Wednesday, 30 January 2013


the sun has finally decided to appear today. it was a plus as i have a day off today, yet i was too lazy to hv an hour journey for an exhibition at Tate Britain. i will postpone it till the next couple of weeks then,
stayed at home with vena whilst she s doing her Anna Lou's projects, meanwhile i cleaned up my room and did the grocery shopping at Waitrose. 
i couldnt believe that i won 2 tickets to see Jake Bugg's live performance at Burberry Flagship store tomorrow night. 
PS: Two Fingers and Lightning Bolt re my fav :)
       and i shall see you tomorrow! yeyyy

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

via: blua
i’m never gonna wait
that extra twenty minutes
to text you back,
and I’m never gonna play
hard to get
when I know your life
has been hard enough already.
When we all know everyone’s life
has been hard enough already
it’s hard to watch
the game we make of love,
like everyone’s playing checkers
with their scars,
saying checkmate
whenever they get out
without a broken heart.
Just to be clear
I don’t want to get out
without a broken heart.
I intend to leave this life
so shattered
there’s gonna have to be
a thousand separate heavens
for all of my flying parts.


month of January has been great by far, except the fact that my best girl Karrent has to leave for good from Newcastle ;'(, ms Ivana's projects which re not easy and the greatest s that i can continue working with Sophie  by the time i finish my written exam and submissions.
PS: the weather turned into 10 something degree, like seriously.. it was minus few days agoooo

Monday, 21 January 2013

this s how it looks likes outside my flat. ;)


sooo, i have been helping some stuffs at CinderellaB. this s what i got from Rachael :)
will keep this humming bird necklace for always, though it s not cash.



3 of us made our journey back to Ncl for Karrent, as she s leaving very soon. it s always good to be back, it always brought back the old memories and not to mention, a memorable moment also happened on the 19th!



first day of snow. it was very slightly flow,
All Saints Church
 around Spitalfield,
 Fashion street. on the road to school!

PS: i wish it will be snowing much longer than last year



it could be said that it was Karrent's last visit to London before leaving for good. so we decided to spend a good deal amount of bucks for this mouth watering steak in town!
Hawksmoor Spitalfields
157 Commercial St  London E1 6BJ


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Lamb Kebab meat is my favourite.

Simba and Nala

yesterday i had such a productive day. i had successfully forced myself to be awake for a couple of hours internship at CinderellaB. it s walking distance to Marangoni which i dont need to spend my times on the journey. the studio s located close to Spitafield Market, and i very much fond of the interior which s surrounded by lots of jewelries. Continued meeting up with Martina and Matteo at the library and then sir Abdullah's class which s dismissed at 6. i already excited about Lion King theatre that started at 7.30, and guess what that we re sitting on the front row where i could see the conductor and the settings very very clear. i was so speechless about the performance, they re very beautifully and energetic. Lion king was my childhood movie which i together with my cousins watching it and it did bring nostalgia. 
source: google
 Simba and Nala ;)
 see the trailer here,


green and gray


Monday, 7 January 2013

blue mosqueeee

staying at Arasta Butik Hotel on our first night in Istanbul. See! we had an amazing view,



January is finally upon us, and uni is officially on. didnt expect that a week in Turkey would be very amazing yet it s time to be back to the mundane routine. 7 days and 6 nights re filled with unexpected and incredible stories. Gule-Gule Turkiye, that winter getaway will be missed a lot .