Monday, 28 February 2011

dark blue.

my eyes caught this pair of jelly sandals at the moment i entered french connection and i at once brought them home,

end of February.

It s already end of the month today, March? please be kind to me.
and today i met up with Thang and Wendy at the library to do the group work.
Thang: "why is it so many people in here on Sunday?"
me: "it's Monday Thang."
watch that paper? yes, i went to student travel agent near the Haymarket this afternoon and that s my flight ticket home.
ps: i ll be home in June :')

and now i just possess a quite huge mirror as the mirror at Lovaine flats is really really tiny. Thanks to Andrew and Wendy for bringing it from IKEA.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

live the language.

a great video campaign from EF language. i really adore the setting, its message, typography. They re just so perfect and make me feel like taking me to Paris now, please.

at random.

we took 8.30 am train to York, just about an hour from Newcastle. the city s bewitching, a canopy of green around the road, a large amount of small vintage shops along the road and piles of tea and cake rooms.
unfortunately, my canon s borrowed by a classmate so i only snapped from my mobile and digital camera in which turned off after a moment we arrived.
it was at the park when the locals re practicing something i dont know what it s called yet it s for Jorvik Viking festival.
spotted on our walk,

lunch at an Italian restaurant, ideal place for romantic diner i assumed yet adequate  taste of meal. we sat just next to the large window , seeing people passing by, rain s pouring slightly at the moment yet a man kept playing his piano outside. can you spot?
i was glad to see stuff in the local shop that s made in Bali, Indonesia.
sipping a cup of traditional English tea in a small comfy tea room near the rail station.
ps: those re some from my mobile.

Friday, 25 February 2011


hv been searching for a suitable place to move , probably in April? I like this house, really close to the Design building yet it only offers 9 bedrooms whilst we only need 3 bedrooms :'(


It was Lavena's 22nd last Monday. Surprised her at the quaypoint by midnight with tens of others.
at the laundry room, Chino, Oliv, Karrent and i tried blowing up some balloons.

millies cookies,
ps: she adores purple really much, so no wonders the presents re all purple 
Celebrated her birthday at quayside area.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


a limited edition  bottle of coca cola by French designer Nathalie Rykiel. where i can get one?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

couture interiors.

"I've long believed that the eyes run naturally from the catwalk to the kitchen" -Anna Wintour 
ps: it 's random yet am now at the library with Lavena, it s 1am something at the moment.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

delighted Sunday.

So, i walked back to my flat early in the morning to meet up with my flat-mate and to attend Sunday service at Brunswick. Today's service was led by Rev. Eden Fletcher
ps: he looks like Jude Law yet with the old version

night and day.

Saturday night was spent at the quayside region. Intended to hv dinner at Gusto yet it s fully booked so we ended up at the Slug and lettuce just with the view of Millennium Bridge.
ps: the desserts re extremely yummy.

Friday, 18 February 2011


well, i nvr keep up with this film, namely Glee for i detest watching musical film. Yet when a classmate, Zoe opened the video in class,  i found this clip s pretty astonishing.
ps: the leading singer whatever his name s attractive, isnt he?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wednesday happenings.

I did a grocery shopping yesterday and the inconvenience thing was that to carry the weighty bags of vegetables, fruits and meats. At 6.15pm, Pyna, Fitri, Wendy and i attended kick boxercise class at the sports centre, lots of sit-up and for sure punching. As the result our bodies hurt today.
ps: the class s fun, would book again for next week i think
Habita bar which s located next to the sports centre s packed with people watching the match between Arsenal vs Barca and we decided to watch at a friend's apartment.

We cooked oxtail soup and cherry fondue while the boys re watching the match and saw their responses on it just made Karrent, Fitri and i chuckled.

a message on the door of 913 bar apartment from the neighbor.

ps: poor quality pics from my mobile

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


After watching The Skin, i simply knew that besides blow-job, there s also hand-job. Errrrr

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

patron of lovers.

and how i was weekending in NCL. Last Saturday, after hving lunch at Jasmine , we went to capture few pictures around Ncl and grabbed a cup of coffee at the Traders in the city.
like finally, i attended a Protestant church at Brunswick Methodist Church with my flat-mate as for the most part, i joined others to attend a Catholic sunday service. 
and again just like previous years, i celebrated Lover's day with my companions. Yes, i nvr had an actual Valentine's day yet i am pleasant with this situation. So, yesterday i and other singles went to Stepney Bar to while away our Valentine's day as Gusto was fully-booked.

Thanks Indra.

Pyna's Sex on the beach,anyone?
From now on, i dont have to hire a squash racket from the Sports Centre since i get a spare racket from Davin.