Wednesday, 18 July 2012


last Sunday could be listed as one of my sweetest Sundays for i was able to gather with Vena and him ;)


found this picture yesterday and this reminded me of that night when Karrent made these yuppy+vodka and they tasted really bad,

Monday, 9 July 2012

Palm Court,

after living for roughly 18months in the UK, lastly i tried an afternoon tea at Park Lane Hotel (we re using the 25% discount's promotion anyway). the room s very cozy and absolutely beautiful, the waitress s quite attentive, the harpist s awesome!, and not to mention the food s heavenly in taste.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


one of the most talked about crepes in London,
Cafe Creperie in south kensington

why East?

Why Marangoni should be located on the East?
as if it s on the West,i would hv a possibility to live on the West right. I really adore West London, and hopefully i could afford the cost of living there *someday*


one of my favorite venture in London s that i could go anywhere i could easily, practically. just took any buses, or trains without making any appointments with driver like in Indonesia. meeting up with others re very easy and most important s that there re lot of places to be explored here in london town :)
here i went to Yoko Ono' s exhibition with Chino at Serpentine Gallery, it quite hard to find the gallery as it s located in the middle of huge park.
 wish from Yoko Ono,
 wrote some wishes ;)
 i want this on my back yard,

sharing platter
The Fine Line bar
Tuesday's night.
somewhere around Notting Hill's area,


went to Victoria and Albert museum last Friday for the ball gown exhibition. just realized that the free fashion's section has been exhibiting since Spring'12 and it was about the brief history of Fashion which i was sure it s part of the work of my Fashion History' s lecturer,ms Suzanne.
it s like reminiscing her lessons and that time i could visualize the real garments (though they re only a few ),
Rei Kawabuko for Comme De Garcons (1995,left)
Vivienne Westwood(1982-83)
Cristobal Balenciaga(1954)
Pierre Balmain(1957)
Christian Dior's New Look (1954)
this look s remarkably from the 20s (simple, straight, waistless)
sneak peak from the Ball Gown,

Monday, 2 July 2012


illustrations by JSK,

Sunday, 1 July 2012

i love cidres!

hello sunshine!

am sandwiched by Medi and Milka,

little ones.

am always on cloud nine to see the kiddos playing around on the beach. they re absolutely beautiful, cute, innocent and would like to hv ones someday ;p
 these four girls re my fav OMG!they re very sweet and adorable,i can see it


merry go round!

1st of July.

spending the first of july with the others, minus Tasha  (as she has been very busy working at Paul) at Brighton. didnt know that its very cheap  and easy to get there. the sun shone yet the wind s unforgivable. took the National Rail from London Bridge station and its only an hour journey!, will deffo come again when getting bored and hectic with busy London Town
ps: june has been quite unlucky for me, yet i got a part-time internship in early October, and get to know someone on the very last day of June ;)