Monday, 31 January 2011

northwestern England.

A saturday getaway to Manchester city with the Malaysian society, well we re the only 3 Indonesians who joined. It was a 3 hour journey by bus with an awesome panorama.
frozen snow covering the window

stopping over at a bar namely Monroes, just like its name, pictures of Marilyn Monroe re hung all around the wall.
it s inside the tram when i was transfixed by a man on good jeans, good shoes and for sure good face
ps: was pretending to capture Lavena

in conclusion, it s not enough a day in this northwestern England, should come over again next weekends probably

Friday, 28 January 2011

a girl/slut?

it s  4 something pm now, that i just finished skype-ing with my sister, Stella. She recommended me a link and i couldnt help but smile seeing this pic from the video.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

so and so.

arent they too gorgeous? i love the pattern, stripes and its colors.they re Italian mama shoes remixed by Prada.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


these plastic ballet flats hv been released in its official website, Moschino. gross. i should really think over to get a pair, probably in early Feb? i better save up some money from now, such a spendthrift i am
ps: what color should i pick? the soft pink looks engaging.


color trends 2011 that i read from Refinery29. that it s not only blue, yellow, orange yet this is classic bright thats interesting.


Monday, 24 January 2011


it s Davins on the left whereas mine s on the right. i just realized when i saw his key chain when i visit their flat that both of ours are handless.

west jesmond.

a visit to a classmate's house at west jesmond, and we had Vietnamese dinner, cooked by Thang.
ps: he has a really really lovely decorated room by himself,probably it s the nicest male's room i ever visit
it s surprising to see his boots hmm they re high heels boots and worth a thousand quids,Thang youuuuuuuuuuu nutss

Saturday, 22 January 2011


i  find it true what bg Cheta said previous time that hmm British is racist, it s perfectly true. well some said bcause it s northern england so the people are rude. i never thought before that to be friends with them are much difficult. i learnt that they ll never start a conversation with you, Asian. and even, when you pass by them, the girls wont greet you even stare you on the eyes. it s part of my life,of being independent?maturing?i think. i just wished it wont be that hard.that's all. ps: most of my classmates re british girls, some are quite nice and some are just too bitchy

supreme Saturday.

one of my friend's ping from blackberry msn woke me up, and it s already 12 something pm. so the 9am alarm had failed waking me up. we supposed to meet up at 12pm at the Monument station yet it s postponed till 1pm. it s not snowing back here yet the weather was still bone chillin cold and today s one of the supreme Saturday i had so far here. we visit beautiful unspoilled countryside from Newcastle namely Southshields and Whitleybay. 
Sambuca served a really luscious italian food,moreover its surrounding view was also fascinating as well
have a wonderful weekend everyone,whatever you re up to for the weekends :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

love nest.

my heart fell in love with this lovely couple
such a perfect couple,isnt it?
ps: it s her blog blushing ambition 

summer yet?

Becca said that i looked like summer today.well,it s probably that i am going bananas for wearing this outfit in these winter months. another time at Little Saigon, it s Vietnamese restaurant in town.
Newcastle 5 something pm
ps: i found a lovely outfit at big chippy vintage market today 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

dear, mr. Hodge

right now am doing 1st task from mr. Hodge. i hv to make a hand written letter in which we put ourselves as potential "PA" and i need to ponder over the pattern of the envelope, the hand-written and for sure its content.
still long way to go,it would be a long letter night.and i need to go to post-office tmrrw to mail it.why cant we just put it on your desk mr. Hodge? :(

Sunday, 16 January 2011

lomo addict

Chino Nartates is someone who has zillions of lomos by far, yes he s a lomo addict. visit his site ,Chino (!)
and here is a small number of snapshots from his lomos