Monday, 10 January 2011

Random details.

Some points of my random details that you might find them no importance:

# that i dont own a last name, it s just Orys 
# i collect movie tickets, and i brought my movie tickets from Indo here
# i recognize a guy who really resembles Daniel Radcliffe
# i at times hunt for Zara kids and grab the 13-14years, yes,that the biggest size that fit me
# i own a fish lomo yet never got perfect pictures done 
# i am allergic to certain kind of medicines, as a result, my eyes would swollen
# i bring my most-liked barbie doll here
# my dark blue converse aged of more than 5 years
# hv always wanted having mixed kiddos (sounds droll)
# always blanket chocolate sauce whilst eating waffle
# hv been wearing contact lenses for approximately 7 years
# will nvr dye my hair
am going to write more in the following post,perhaps. 

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