Sunday, 6 May 2012


happy Sunday everyone. hows the weekends?
i had a productive sunday. forced my self to wake up 30 minutes before the service started. i walked myself to the church, as Vena couldnt wake up, it supposed to be. i decided not to join Hilsong church as it would take me a journey. All Saints church which i hv been there for couple of times s located just 3 minutes from my flat and s extremely different from Hilsong. Its really peaceful, just like the one that i used to see in a movie. and as always, most of the visitors re grannies.
headed to Waitrose supermarket to buy some groceries, it s my favourite by far. It s really huge, complete, and the food s fresh. Done the laundries, and cooked pasta for lunch, and back to my paper.

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