Wednesday, 4 July 2012


went to Victoria and Albert museum last Friday for the ball gown exhibition. just realized that the free fashion's section has been exhibiting since Spring'12 and it was about the brief history of Fashion which i was sure it s part of the work of my Fashion History' s lecturer,ms Suzanne.
it s like reminiscing her lessons and that time i could visualize the real garments (though they re only a few ),
Rei Kawabuko for Comme De Garcons (1995,left)
Vivienne Westwood(1982-83)
Cristobal Balenciaga(1954)
Pierre Balmain(1957)
Christian Dior's New Look (1954)
this look s remarkably from the 20s (simple, straight, waistless)
sneak peak from the Ball Gown,

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