Thursday, 13 September 2012


am gonna whiling away sometimes before going to see a movie by whining about the disappearance's of my barbie dolls. So, my mom had asked the maid to pack all the barbie dolls that used to be laid in my glassed cabinets inside my room into a big brown box. It did occur months ago i guessed. and yesterday i was feeling like dressing and undressing my barbie dolls. to my surprise, the box s half empty, hundreds including small accessories, clothes, shoes had gone. reported to my mom, and found that the maid might have brought them home when everybody s away from home.
hv been collecting pieces to pieces since i was in the elementary school. still remember that i couldnt purchase the clothes all at once as they re very pricey by that time, and used to ask mom to buy some in singapore or malaysia.
eventhough, i could get some pieces of new dolls by now, they wont replace all of my previous ones, all the memories that have been made. For now, the maid had stopped working yet that wouldnt make the barbie dolls came back to my cabinets.
the leftover 

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