Tuesday, 27 November 2012

welcoming 20th.

i turned 20 last 22nd of November, it s my classmate's 20th as well. happy birthday to Matteo and i. i couldnt celebrate it properly due to the preparation for the exam, yet it had been unforgettable surprise. Lavena had been arranging it, so on the 21st i was about to have dinner with Makom and Vena.  i had been waiting for roughly half an hour and got a call that i needed to go back home by my flat mate,said that out flat had been robbed. panic attacked, all i could think s my laptop and its content.
Surprise, surprise, i ran and ran and found that they had been in the flat, preparing my birthday cake to be blown out. to be waken up the next day with sweet little surprises by Lavena just made my day , thanks my miss Nutella
 house had been filled with this never ending 9inch redvelvet cakes and coincidently, my sisters also ordered a giant sized red-velvet cupcake from Hummingbird as well

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