Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Simba and Nala

yesterday i had such a productive day. i had successfully forced myself to be awake for a couple of hours internship at CinderellaB. it s walking distance to Marangoni which i dont need to spend my times on the journey. the studio s located close to Spitafield Market, and i very much fond of the interior which s surrounded by lots of jewelries. Continued meeting up with Martina and Matteo at the library and then sir Abdullah's class which s dismissed at 6. i already excited about Lion King theatre that started at 7.30, and guess what that we re sitting on the front row where i could see the conductor and the settings very very clear. i was so speechless about the performance, they re very beautifully and energetic. Lion king was my childhood movie which i together with my cousins watching it and it did bring nostalgia. 
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 Simba and Nala ;)
 see the trailer here,


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