Saturday, 26 February 2011

at random.

we took 8.30 am train to York, just about an hour from Newcastle. the city s bewitching, a canopy of green around the road, a large amount of small vintage shops along the road and piles of tea and cake rooms.
unfortunately, my canon s borrowed by a classmate so i only snapped from my mobile and digital camera in which turned off after a moment we arrived.
it was at the park when the locals re practicing something i dont know what it s called yet it s for Jorvik Viking festival.
spotted on our walk,

lunch at an Italian restaurant, ideal place for romantic diner i assumed yet adequate  taste of meal. we sat just next to the large window , seeing people passing by, rain s pouring slightly at the moment yet a man kept playing his piano outside. can you spot?
i was glad to see stuff in the local shop that s made in Bali, Indonesia.
sipping a cup of traditional English tea in a small comfy tea room near the rail station.
ps: those re some from my mobile.

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