Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wednesday happenings.

I did a grocery shopping yesterday and the inconvenience thing was that to carry the weighty bags of vegetables, fruits and meats. At 6.15pm, Pyna, Fitri, Wendy and i attended kick boxercise class at the sports centre, lots of sit-up and for sure punching. As the result our bodies hurt today.
ps: the class s fun, would book again for next week i think
Habita bar which s located next to the sports centre s packed with people watching the match between Arsenal vs Barca and we decided to watch at a friend's apartment.

We cooked oxtail soup and cherry fondue while the boys re watching the match and saw their responses on it just made Karrent, Fitri and i chuckled.

a message on the door of 913 bar apartment from the neighbor.

ps: poor quality pics from my mobile

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