Sunday, 23 December 2012


i hv finished reading the sequel of Anchee Min's novels; namely the Empress Orchid and The Last Empress.
Both books are beautifully described and very details that i desperately want to be back to that era and being part of that story. Min has successfully told how the empress has grown up from being a concubine till her death and becoming very powerful in China.
i will definitely order other books of hers and she s my fav author by far.
"Loving our children was not enough to help them survive"- Empress Orchid
Empress Orchid and Yung Lu are 2 characters who are passionately in love and solve that national crisis together but can not be together intimately
Her last words to him before he is dead s my fav part. to me it s very romantic and the saddest part of the story;

I reached out and touched his face. It was hard not to cry, and i forced myself to smile. "You are about to go on a hunting trip, and i will join you. I will prepare the bows and you will do the shooting. I'd like you to bring me a wild duck, a rabbit, and a deer. Maybe not  deer but a wild pig. I will build a fire and roast it. We will have sweet yam wine and we will talk..."
His eyes became moist.
"But we will not talk about the Boxers ot legations, of course. Only our good times together. We will talk about our friends Prince Kung and Li Hung Chang. I will tell you how much i missed you when you went to Sinkiang. You owe me a good seven years. You alread know this, but i am going to tell you anyway: I am a happy woman when i am with you."
Tears slowly fell from the corners of his eyes.

PS: the books are seriously very good and it s worth reading for!

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