Monday, 10 December 2012

sleeping pattern has changed during 2 weeks break after exam, that i commonly slept at 3 am something and woke up very late, yes those re such unproductive days. forced myself to wake up at 7.30 am to start this term-2. again, we only have one week class then another christmas break till early January. having coordination strategy class with ms Ivana Koceva, she s a very nice and lovely person and she s a designer, kindly visit hers IvanaK
getting off at Bazely street bus stop has been my mundane routine after class s dismissed, and it popped up in my mind that whether i should escape from my comfort zone and try something new. well, lots of stuffs need to be arranged pretty soon and afterall it s time to keep calm and drink a cup of tea. 
ps: couldnt wait till Friday, and i just now book a restaurant for Christmas dinner for Vena, Makom, Elva, Tasha, Karrent and i


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